South Of the Border 4: Atrocities


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What Happens To Pretty American Girls Who Get Busted Down `Ole Mexico Way???Continuing the SOUTH OF THE BORDER series, Pretty U.S. Embassy attorney Megan Cortez (Lisa Kinkaid) continues her bound and gagged Mexican penal experience, as well as the 3 Yankee college babes (Kelly McKay, Kimberly Noble and Christina Anderson) she tried a little too hard to spring after they got pinched by the Federalese with some coke!!!At the hands of DEA, CIA and Mexican Police, these hotties are subjected to brutal South American-style interrogation including whipping, beating, jail cell banging and a stun gun spiked upside-down dunking!!! Their considerable suffering is also being taped by ever present surveillance cameras for purposes unknown!!! You`ll get some hints as to what`s really going on and why these guys are so intent on collaring pretty young gringo babes besides their seeming zeal for law enforcement, torture and a fine piece of ass...You won`t want to miss this installment of SOUTH OF THE BORDER, the most depraved yet in this popular series!!!

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